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Your satisfaction check list:

Safe. Secure. Legal. FREE!
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Save a fortune on legal fees.
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Common Concerns:

Can I be sure it's legal? If you follow the instructions that come with your document it will be a legal and binding document.
How do I pay? You don't pay. It's FREE!
What if I make a mistake writing my Will? Don't worry you have 7 days to review the document and make as many corrections as you need.
Why should I choose your service? Quite simply because we provide the best combination of economy and service.
Can you be trusted with my details? Yes. Once your document is completed, you can opt out of any further contact with us.

You can find the answers to other less frequently asked questions on our FAQ.
Free Wills for Canada - make your Free Canadian Will today. You'll save a fortune in legal fees and have a document in plain English.

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