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urbanicityHAM Hamilton, Ontario This company is providing free will planning for Canadian teachers and school staff amid COVID-19 #HamOnt #COVID19 Hamilton's source for news, reviews, and the best local hot spots. Tag #urbanicity as you explore Hamilton!
zoewhittall Toronto Just reminder that 20 writers/students are being sued for free expression and no one in the literary apparatus in Canada is supporting them. The director of @writerstrust signed a letter supporting the man suing them. @PENCanada doesn’t care, despite their mandate. Giller finalist for novel The Best Kind of People/CSA-winning TV writer/Baroness Von Sketch,Schitt's Creek & others. Lambda winner. Reps: TLA & The Characters.
IMPACTWRESTLING Nashville, TN This week's IMPACT is available to watch now FOR FREE in the US and Canada on @IMPACTPlusApp! Just create a user account and watch HERE: Proving Hard To Kill every Tuesday at 8/7c on @AXSTV and @Twitch!
awgaffney Boston, MA The bigger problem in America healthcare is not the lack of price transparency but the reality of price exposure. Not sure many experts know what a long hospitalization tor X,Y,Z condition would “cost” in Canada. But everybody in the country lives and dies knowing it’s free. Critical care doctor, public health researcher, writer. President of @PNHP. Harvard Medical School. Otter enthusiast. Tweets my own only.
TiffanyAching8 Dallas, TX @livingforsanity @LMelt81 @KamalaHarris Canada has universal healthcare and has a greater purchasing block. This is also how the UKs National Health service negotiates cheaper drug prices. The USA relies on private insurance. Nothing with Government subsidies is free market. It's capitalist, but not free market. Rebuilding my account, music, mindfulness, #dumptrump, #resist-no DMs! 🇮🇪🇬🇧🇺🇸🧘‍♀️🛫♀️📖☸️⚡🍳#ERAnow! #FBR (not here to ⬆ your stats - pls follow back.)
ceoterrio Worldwide 🇺🇸🇳🇱🇨🇦 @lauferlaw @dwright100 @AOC American born who has lived in the Netherlands & Immigrated to Canada as a result of Social Democracies who also support Free Markets but have Social Safety support structure ( Healthcare & Edication ); I can confirm it works and everyone benefits. BTW - My tax rate is 52% International Executive who has traveled the World. Devout Explorer and Seeker of Truth.
livingforsanity this universe @TiffanyAching8 @LMelt81 @KamalaHarris Pharma has until the end of aug to negotiate. the EO is to buy from canada instead of the middle man. If they can sell it to canada for $2, they can sell it to us. I am in global sales, I set pricing, I work with tarrifs and currencies. this is free market global citizen I RT what I find interesting. It doesn't mean I agree or disagree. It's food for thought
mikelak10405850 Canada Living and Loving Life To The Fullest Single And Free'Just back from Tuna Fishing i love the Serenity with God's Country Canada God Guide Thee. Our Wealth is not Everything Looking For a Honest Woman'I Follow Back 'Lot's Of Love'Compassion Etc..Single
sdh74 DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS! @jyp15 @BlueJays @TD_Canada @Sportsnet @FAN590 So let me get this straight. The whole baseball world hates the Astros and want them all hit in the head or suspended even banned. Even current players who weren’t there in 2017. Which is stupid as fork! But if Springer is a free agent 30 fanbases suddenly forgive & want him? WTF Why go Left when you can be Right all the time? If women love being Right all the time they should vote Republican. Because Republicans are always Right. 😉
lingwhatics Montréal, Québec “Sometimes I think bureaucrats are secretly our finest, most inventive creative artists.” Colby Cosh: Canada treats beer and wine as destructive acids to be taxed to death — unless they were made nearby The hard hat man ✈️ | he/him
amr___mahmod Sign up for free and get your $ 500 gift on Paypal account Clarification After clicking on the link, a page will open with a link to subscribe and receive the gift The condition is to be in Canada. #gift #card #giftcard #giftcards #games #time #fun
CarlusScarboro1 Universal @GhostfaceKillah @willieoreedoc I saw a story on Facebook said runaway Slaves went to Canada and invented the game during free time. It just goes to show the brilliance of the mind of The Original Man. F,J,E,I
HKGlobalConnect Al Richmond’s story shows how easily local politicians are manipulated to amplify Chinese propaganda. Their oblivion to foreign influence and focus on economic gains could also open the window for CCP interference in democratic institutions of free nations.港民國際連橫 - Hong Kong Global Connect. Independent non-partisan organisation from HK. On-ground updates, factchecking and analyses. Run by HK protesters. DMs open.
ProfAlisonK Tkaronto @marcventresca Significant risk to recent immigrants to Canada. Much summer activity centres around pools and lakes. Canadian born folks swim. Immigrants want to join the fun and risk drowning. Universal free swimming classes were available until right wing coup in Toronto in 1999. Ryerson prof. Org theory, business and society, indigenous rights, carbon, planetary survival. She/ her.
wizebaistore Canada Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber Deep Cleaning Face Scrubber Vibrating Facial Cleansing Skin Spatula Peeling Beauty Instrument Device . Come check us out at ! FREE SHIPPING TO CANADA AND UNITED STATES! Welcome to WIZEBAÏ, your #1 source for all your shopping needs! We offer new and innovative products at the best affordable prices! Free Shipping Canada & US!
Shawn55498143 @CBCToronto So he was being deported from the US? Why? In Canada he is a free man. So he is a criminal in the USA. Becomes sick and dies in a hospital in the USA. How is this Canada's fault that a US criminal dies in the hospital. 100m is always won by black people!
MFoleyPPC Kentville, Nova Scotia As the Liberal corruption continues it should become obvious for more Canadians to vote for the @peoplespca We will ensure Canada stays prosperous and free. @MaximeBernier is the leader Canada needs! Provincial Coordinator for NS/PEI for the People’s Party Of Canada | CEO of the Kings-Hants EDA for the PPC | @kingshantsppc @MaximeBernier @peoplespca
khan_genjis @goforcatchingm1 @jdhankhar1 The tax rate in USA is lower than India or European countries because in USA they don’t provide you free health care and higher education is not free. Lower education is also funded by local property taxes. Therefore Canada which is a neighboring country tax rate is much higher.
TysonMacKay1 @leonpor87446313 @MAJTOURE I live in Canada got no free college and. We tax payer pay for the heath care. It isn’t “free”. PPC.
kymblee80 Toronto, Ontario I'm using TextNow to text and call USA & Canada for Free! Signup at for the desperate times lol Canada 🇨🇦 YYZ Nakoda Nation. I love Jesus! Snapchat: kymberocks Instagram: kymberocks ❤️💋
AlisonWordsmith Ontario, Canada @kayaking_canada @Asdcaregiver @Chapmans_Canada I love them too! Seem like good employers, use real ingredients, and make many peanut free options. Makes buying Canadian easy! 🇨🇦 Wordsmith, dance mom/band mom, crazy dog lady, Newfoundlander, dressage queen wannabe. Pro writer, editor, church lady & Facebooker. I ❤️ Bronte. Opinions mine.
ryandan1 Pluto @RVAT2020 Doesn't say much about Trudeau, I knew as soon as he did not show up for the signing of the free trade deal. Trump was going to hit Canada with tariffs. and he did. A man who has a problem with grudges, such a baby Simple@secure,layed back, dig freedom in the country. Enjoying the space,self cutting hair specialist
AtkinsonJohn7 @TheTruth_2016_1 @HiClassMag Joe will also have free Twinkies for everybody. Male police that remain will be forced to wear tutus (pink) and female police will occupy all positions of authority. Immigrants will head to Canada. Less coronavirus. Pigs will be seen flying around town. I prefer my version. Musician, journalist, burger flipper, record seller, teacher. Photo, travel, art, music, politics, film. My photos here, other than retweets from other sources.
CanadasLifeline Ottawa, ON, Canada @Fanshawe_Blood It’s a life-saving gift that’s priceless and without it so many people wouldn’t be here today. The free food is just an added bonus. Thank you for encouraging donating blood and for being the reason, the connection, that keeps Canada's Lifeline going. ^CMS Between donors, recipients and all the people who bring them together, we are all part of #CanadasLifeline 🇨🇦
Quest_World Edmonton, Alberta Vibrant Mushroom Print C$25 White Top S M L Black S M Shop now and Get Canada Wide free delivery! 🇨🇦 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #summer #party #style #canada #instafashion #shopping… Unique, Trendy and Affordable Ladies Clothing and Accessories
JimRidesforLife Tallahassee, FL New painting available right now! Timeless Hummingbird - acrylic on 8 x 10 canvas panel. Beautiful colors including highlights of shimmering iridescent paint. Ships free to the US and Canada. Unframed. $65 Order here - Professional artist. Email -
CJPME Canada “Here in Québec and in Canada, due to our economic and diplomatic ties with the Israeli state, we have a deep responsibility to the Palestinian people." It's time to end the Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement! Promoting justice, development & peace in the Middle East, and here at home in Canada | RTs/Follows ≠ endorsements |
SexyPlusClothin mississauga, canada New arrivals!! Swipe to see all 5 colours in our new Waffle Knit Sweater Top! Search: ALBERTA $44 Sizes 1X to 3X Comes in rose, ivory, navy, black and cobalt. FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100 to Canada and… Sexy, sophisticated, affordable #plussize fashions. Int'l online shipping + boutique in #Mississauga.
phrophet77 Don't have your back anymore mr. president sir Donald Trump. .. your tariffs are going to ruin both countries Canada and the United states??? What ever happened to free trade. ??? I thought we were friends ¿¿¿ continue and your out. ... CANADIAN'S have had enough !!! ya! that's me !!! i love!!! Jesus,my church,my wife,my three dogs Angel ,Saintly and moses , and my Family.God Bless!!! O and my Vegetable's !
TheVarsity Toronto, Ontario Students must apply for quarantine space through the website and rooms are expected to be available August 15. The University of Toronto's tri-campus newspaper of record since 1880. Follow for news, analysis, and more at
Alpenstrudel Texas 🇺🇲🌞 / Canada 🇨🇦☃️ @61JZ @DrKellyVictory @kksheld @AAPSonline @drcraigwax It's not quite that cut and dried – my experience with care in Canada was excellent. That being said, there's no such thing as free anything – it gets paid for one way or another. A hybrid system, Swiss style, has a lot going for it. More, not less, choice is always better ... 🍔 Whataburger 🍺 Shiner Bock Patrick Henry • Margaret Thatcher Ronald Reagan • Ron Paul • 2A 🔫 Disillusioned Confessional Lutheran 😒
Martininin1 #DTC #ODSPoverty #Disability #disabilitytwitter Beware of scam artists like this (it's an industry now in Canada). They take TWENTY FIVE % of any refund. They provide information that is FREE and publicly available. RCMP Fraud reporting:
Robin_Lexi Cheektowaga @painadvocateAR @CIAAG_Lauren @JoeAllenNewman @CTSuboxone @DanBoon63784314 @jmkillingnyc @lpray18 @TheFuglyFrog @Txsconstitution @JT_Berone @mizjet54 @ThomasKlineMD @LauraSlocumb1 @MichaelNey19 @RNadvocating @Canada_NV @CContrarus @Brokenhuman8 @TehAngryAnalyst @Irishbrat1966 @urbanfatbiker @justask @nancytrojak @PithyPins @macabaz @DanLairdMD @RogerTh71142375 @giazillarawrr @JoshBloomACSH @chronicpainwar @Suzy_Stewart @PpL_InPainUnite @Faithgirlee @reversechapter @keesaroo @shelley_bean60 @TheDarkGift_ @FibroSloth @SandraEmery7 @donnelsonguy @DeniseGeltman @DMarie0240 @JosephAFalzone1 @puppyluvr312 @HappyWarriorP @Kevinmfilms @larsiztch @1baldchick @Talkeetna101 @cremer_mary How on earth did I bribe anyone with anything at all? Stop making this worse please I didn't bribe anyone. I met someone who worked for them and they asked me to volunteer at a medical conference. All the free Advocacy is work. I'm not paid cash just in society being a bit better Amb.for rare and chronic diseases for Cheekowaga NY via Proclamation, Biochemical Pharmacology of Rare disease SUNY Buffalo state BS. Congressional advocate
gordoff Toronto, Canada @KristySwansonXO @yesnicksearcy 🎵... From far and wide, O Canada, we STAND on guard for thee. God keep our land glorious and free! O Canada, we STAND on guard for thee. O Canada, we STAND on guard for thee.🎵 It's in the lyrics. Over and over again.🙄 Retweets could possibly be endorsements.
wolf8714 Here in the United States I have been trying to get in the movie business for many years but if your Jewish you get a free pass it makes me sick It is time to Expel The Jews from United States, Canada and Europe all Jews go back to Israel we don't want you here anymore PROWHITE/ACTOR/DIRECTOR
simplify77 United States @BiddyInTO I’m sorry I thought I was actually having a real conversation with someone from another free country. You’re obviously a msm reader who is too lazy to research. Our President is not a liar the media is and now I’m done with you. Read the agreement between Canada, USA and Mexico.
MomoWett I'm using TextNow to text and call USA & Canada for Free! Signup at I do meet ups and sell content👍🏾dont dm me if your not serious cashapp and apple pay only I also do cashapp flips👍🏾
MeeplesBGC Penticton, BC, Canada 🆕 for August 8, 2020: Call to Adventure: The Stormlight Archive is here! 8 New Games: 9 Restocked: Curbside pickup, free delivery in #Penticton, and affordable shipping across Canada. 🇨🇦 #boardgames Penticton and South Okanagan’s first board game cafe! We look forward to opening post-pandemic. We are starting out selling games and puzzles on our website.
AuntTriffie Newfoundland I'm in Canada but have a very similar story. My pop had open heart surgery in the 1990s and lived another 25 happy years. He travelled, had a garden and lived a great life...without going in debt due to cost. It was free. Archivist, folklorist, crafter, cat lady, time traveler.
realCeeDee South Africa Use @Dingtone to call and text for free! #Americans #Canada A passionate and lover of freedom, Enthusiast with mindset to achieve greatness in life. I also secure tourist/work visas for people that intends to travel.
WhiteCrkLumber @bal4_rednirus @GonnaFry There is nothing that socialist members of the unionized Civil service fear more than cuts. The fact that hundreds of thousands in free enterprise Alberta and millions in Canada have lost their jobs to government mismanagement and Covid hoax doesn't bother those socialists a bit. Retired right wing Albertan Conservative ANTI-GLOBALIST PRO-NATIONALIST ANTI-POLITICAL CORRECTNESS AND PRO-FREE SPEECH ANTI-GUN CONTROL
VJayKJun UK @10_source @ErinOTooleMP @paulbristow79 I voted Remain and was fervently pro-EU. However after loosing freedom of movement in the EU, free movement with Canada, Australia and New Zealand could reopen opportunities for the younger generations and would benefit much more than just trade. You can be Pro EU and CANZUK nonpartisan and able to think for myself
benhostetter02 Wentzville, MO Ok Canada, we get it, first you have free healthcare and now you even have better tornadoes than we do. Keep flexin. your friendly neighborhood radical leftist, tornado chaser, and metalcore nut. Professional simp for Spiritbox and Fit For A King. he/him
MichelWriter @TorontoStar We already know he want's to remake Canada! The problem is vision is insane! 1.) shut down the energy sector before we have an alternative energy. 2) Force gender and race quotas on companies not based on qualifications. 3) Create hate crime laws to shut down free speech. ......
Robin_Lexi Cheektowaga @JoeAllenNewman @CIAAG_Lauren @CTSuboxone @DanBoon63784314 @jmkillingnyc @lpray18 @TheFuglyFrog @Txsconstitution @JT_Berone @mizjet54 @ThomasKlineMD @LauraSlocumb1 @MichaelNey19 @RNadvocating @Canada_NV @CContrarus @Brokenhuman8 @TehAngryAnalyst @Irishbrat1966 @urbanfatbiker @justask @nancytrojak @PithyPins @macabaz @DanLairdMD @RogerTh71142375 @giazillarawrr @JoshBloomACSH @chronicpainwar @Suzy_Stewart @PpL_InPainUnite @Faithgirlee @reversechapter @keesaroo @shelley_bean60 @TheDarkGift_ @FibroSloth @SandraEmery7 @donnelsonguy @DeniseGeltman @DMarie0240 @JosephAFalzone1 @puppyluvr312 @HappyWarriorP @Kevinmfilms @larsiztch @1baldchick @Talkeetna101 @cremer_mary I see just that message as strong and you are and advocate right now by just saying that. If I was allowed to help you I would. I always help patients for free. It's how I got a Proclamation in my name. I am so sorry you are suffering. I could be better but I got enough to live. Amb.for rare and chronic diseases for Cheekowaga NY via Proclamation, Biochemical Pharmacology of Rare disease SUNY Buffalo state BS. Congressional advocate
inugo1 Fort St. John @toni_tc No need to justify. You have had your eyes open, a long time. "Free" Canada, has not been free for a very long time. This is worldwide and we all need to support one another and support truth and discussion. Division is a waste of our time. Just a Canadian who believes all lives of all creatures (and plants) matters. I read only non-fiction, hand-write documents and letters, need the truth. #ttwsuf
oxusbrewing Winnipeg, Manitoba Our liquid hand sanitizer is on sale! Get a box of 9 x 1L bottles for only $69.95! Order at - Health Canada licensed - Perfect for sanitizing hands and surfaces - Does not leave sticky residue - Canada-wide shipping - FREE delivery within Winnipeg! Craft brewery and taproom in Winnipeg. Beers available at Liquor Marts and beer vendors across Manitoba. Buy online at
press_hunt NYC & LA 🚨 New Business & Finance #prrequest from a writer in Newfoundland, Canada 💬 Respond to this and 1055 more #journorequest submitted today for free at We use AI to help PR pros monitor journalists, news outlets, and podcasts to build better relationships with reporters & maximize press coverage
ram_ultravue Canada @cathmckenna 2/ But it will only hurt Canadians. You see if you fools didn’t take the free trade negotiations for granted and actually participated. Canada would never have gotten screwed over as bad as we did. But you screw ups had to try and inject gender language, that had absolutely Dad told me you can't fix stupid people. But I must confess I'm an optimist. Just so that you know, I’m not nice. I troll stupidity, it must be done.
romhartemink England, United Kingdom @andrew_lilico I believe in Canzuk cooperation but not to effectively become a “country” , as that scale of country leads to nationalist segregation. UK and Canada already have trouble sticking together. Mutual recognition standards free trade, free movement with limitations, military coop

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