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jen_keesmaat Toronto, Ontario Good times: Canada has ridiculously cheap gas, an irrational fear of road tolls, and the world's least fuel-efficient cars. No wonder 75% of all new housing built in Canada over the past decade is in gas-guzzling suburbs. No wonder. What a trap! Founder, Markee Developments. Former Chief Planner, Toronto. Distinguished Visitor in Planning Emeritus, University of Toronto.
TrueNorthCentre Toronto, Ontario Justin Trudeau supports Khalistanis’ right to “freedom of expression” to label foreign diplomats as ‘killers’ and displaying graphic parade floats, but cracks down on free expression for the rest of Canada. Watch Ratio'd with @Harry__Faulkner: True North is a Canadian digital media platform focused on breaking news and investigative reporting.
globeandmail Canada Welcome to Canada, the land of free roads, cheap gas – and the world’s least fuel-efficient cars Canada's national news organization. Customer care: @GlobeHelp. Share info with us anonymously:
Veritas71386360 @CanadaNATO Accept it. You no longer have free and fair elections in Canada if these people remain in power.
TheBlueBetty Ukraine @BungalowDyl @SamFisher10k @ZelenskyyUa @JustinTrudeau Canada is anything but “nuclear free” and it’s a well known fact we stash our nukes in the mountain range. 🌬 🍃 🔥 💧 🌎
BungalowDyl Atlantic Canada @TheBlueBetty @SamFisher10k @ZelenskyyUa @JustinTrudeau There is no evidence that Canada ever had nuclear equipped submarines. Aircraft and missiles sure, but not subs. Plus we have been entirely nuclear weapon free since the 1980s. We obtained those subs like twenty years later. Apollo reddit refugee…. To better understand the Russian invasion: Watch: TraumaZone, Winter on Fire. Read: Sandworm, Red Notice, and Freezing Order.
TraderBreee Bank of #Canada Interest rate Decision and it impact on market #USDCAD has broken the Ascending channel in downside The #BoC is considering a 25 bps rate hike, influenced by job growth and increased consumer spending Free Signal - #นายกพิธา $USD $CAD Let Me Know for Mentorship & Trading Related Help -
Cherrychristie2 Stockholm, Sweden If you are looking for scholarship to apply this week: Here are 25 Ongoing Fully Funded Scholarships in 2023 for BSc, MSc and PhD. These scholarships cut across countries like US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, among others. Feel free to share OPEN THREAD 🧵 Global Mobility & Travel| I connect you with RELOCATION opportunities in EUROPE🇩🇰🇳🇱| |Masters in GS in Migration Studies 🇸🇪🇵🇹|
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DIDWW Ireland More gold and vanity numbers are now up for grabs in Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, Israel, France, Mexico, Canada, and the USA. 🎉 Discover an array of Toll-free, local, national, mobile Voice and SMS-enabled DIDs via our Number Selection tool. Contact our team at… We provide #DIDs, #SIP #Trunks, #SMS, #TollFree, #VoIP on global scale. #API, compliance and number portability. Built for #carriers, perfect for #enterprises.
RandyTaylor_USA Overwatch, North America This is complete BS. Quit printing money YOU IDIOTS. Boost immigration or face even higher interest rates to curb inflation, warns Bank of Canada governor - Canada Immigration and Visa Information. Canadian Immigration Services and Free Online Evaluation Terrorism Expert, Veteran, Political Analyst, Believe in Almighty God, 2A, PROLIFE, US & Canada Patriots 🇺🇸🇨🇦 A follow does not mean I necessarily endorse U
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Kj92155778 Canada Child Benefit has gone up and you could get nearly $7,500 per kid, tax free .Then you have your poor seniors who can barely live half decent who many have worked 30 yrs in Canada and to get that crappy pension . No wonder many leave to go abroad .Shame on Canada
CatDesigns4u Dartmouth East Coast 1700 tweets! A prize for Cat ! My membership should be FREE HERE . because the RICH can’t be tagged. I’m tweeting to you from the East Coast of Canada ! and my lips are getting tired ! I need to make money so I can hire a good lawyer! Justice will prevail. Hire ME As Your PODCASTS Host🍁 I Listen to the WORLD . All of my tweets are true I fight for Social Justice Deprivation Exists ALL OVER 💙Canada
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Gutodd96 @yarnbeez @JennaACunninham @CPHO_Canada ….to be fully catchable and transmitted by any/all of us in society. You are absolutely free to wear a mask and continue to get COVID shots, no sweat. But dont ever shove in my face and those like me the issue of bodily autonomy. It’s 100% hypocrisy. “The ‘adherence to ideology’ of the few outweighs the ‘need to live’ of the many”. Mr. Spock in Star Trek II - The Wrath of Khan. (I think that’s what he said)
Pmacx15 Inna Cuts @zayfazo @overtime @Canada_Elite @UANextBHoops I'm not saying you can't have passion. What I'm saying is that if you can't control it and it results in you getting a tech and free point, you got a problem. What is there to fear when imma just get a free throw from it Positivity Makes All Change 💯 Nova 👶🏽❤️ 09/29/2018 Professional crap Talker, Slight Pimp Walker #M4L #LLJT #LLBJ
TroyMclure22 Vancouver, British Columbia @SyntheticusAlt I would argue most Canadians are unaware of the CBC besides hockey night in Canada and when they find out it costs a couple billion a year for free hockey broadcasts, most Canadians support selling that and ending funding NAIT 2019. Proud member of the fringe minority and right wing lunatic. I also enjoy trading
RakeshRajan16 Dubai, United Arab Emirates Canada has launched a digital nomad plan to attract working digital nomads from across the world to come and work there for up to 6 months without any job offer. Get your Free Assessment: Global Immigration & Citizenship Consulting Services
TintinKnew Perth, Western Australia @ckasmussen @Raymond41030693 @notChrisButler @krassenstein @Andrew_W_MG I'm glad your name is Karen, it suits you. Biden inherited an Economy in free fall due to crapty management of Covid and a bunch of politicians that hated science. Inflation went crazy afterwards, EVERYWHERE - In UK, Australia, Canada - globally. The US faired best. Brit / Aussie married to an American and traversing all three countries. Sitting on the left side of the aisle, always. Anti Guns. #resistance always
Pmacx15 Inna Cuts @zayfazo @overtime @Canada_Elite @UANextBHoops That "passion" results in a tech and one free bucket, just cause you can't control yaself Positivity Makes All Change 💯 Nova 👶🏽❤️ 09/29/2018 Professional crap Talker, Slight Pimp Walker #M4L #LLJT #LLBJ
Homeless_Canada Canada People facing homelessness in Hamilton describe what they want the city to do. Calls included options for drug-free sanctioned encampments and alternatives to sanctioned sites. Homeless Canada's a not for profit, non government funded project, connecting disadvantaged Canadians to emergency accommodation, FREE food, clothes & support.
Kuljeet123r Surrey, British Columbia @UnionForDrivers @Uber @lyft Brother they can even punch 👊🏽 drivers and get free after 24 hours it happened in Abbotsford BC Canada 🇨🇦 I am uber driver and trying to fight for my rights every single day I lose every time make me more power not to stop
gaypyrate new york city 3. where do you live? (again only 4 spots, hence why i'm including usa, canada, and mexico together as north america. as well as uk and europe because i didn't want to leave out asia. pls feel free to lmk in the comments if none are applicable as i couldn't add an "other") they/he. 30s. audhd. leftist gay guy. ofmd, little mermaid, good omens, wwdits, musical theatre, and other fandom crap. 🔞 18+ only, NO minors or t*rfs
MamboJambo55911 @BillTufts And very important info to all Canadians!!! immigrating to Canada is not for free, it cost money for every work and study permit, even for 6 and 7 year old kids are not free. So don't think immigrants get everything for free, because they don't. Refugee is a different story
CarolJ644 Elliott Lake, Ontario, Canada PP and the @CPC_HQ only want a little bit of Marxist communism, until they get your vote. And of course, it's acceptable to murder the unborn or vulnerable elderly because it's convenient. Political prisoners prove Canada is not a free country. Retired York Regional police officer living with a physical disability. I do not believe in fake science or government mandated drugs.
lindare45514696 British Columbia Canada @JanisIrwin Love Danielle, free speech, funny shirts and Canada. Not sure why you would worry about her security Janis, not your job. Sexualizing children is disgusting! Shameful. Canadians will not allow our children to be abused, violated or trafficed. BGS MA Conflict Res. Global, Governmental, Multi-layered, Political Analyst, Elections, Comm, Normal, proud Canadian. Believe in truth, justice and peace.
MyHomies Dreamland Get your papers and glass, homies! Visit or for 15% off everything. Free shipping on $50+ orders in Canada and US for glass and Get 10% off papers. Use the code HGMI23 and elevate your smoking experience! 🔥🌿💨 #CheechandChong NFT Collection created by @cheechmarin and @tommychong art by @jermainerogers Discord:
BhakooBhavni Winnipeg, Manitoba @FluentInFinance But I do love my country Canada and hope we shall be free Humanity Matters. PPC Federal Candidate 2021 Artist, businesswoman, grandma. Born free, live free. Patriot. Proud Canadian. #JusticeForAll🇨🇦
demasduit1820 @JustinTrudeau Lets make this clear,,, Ukraine is not a democracy! Canada is funding a dictator. In the Ukraine there is no religious worship allowed, there is no parlimentary opposition allowed, there is no free press, there are no gay rights, and Zelensky just announced no election.
tsh_tsh89 @sonlight52 @FeyiMac @DilwhySneh Nigerians in Nigeria. Enjoy your money in Nigeria or elsewhere and ignore the bandwagon. When a Nigerian in Nigeria says “I have moved to my house” there is a high chance that he is debt free. When a Nigerian in Canada says “I have moved into my house” there is a high chance that
Inky16027248 Canada Child Benefit has gone up and you could get nearly $7,500 per kid, tax free Retired mp
shekeepsgoing north America Justin Trudeau! has been systematically trying to destroy Canada! The True north Strong and Free! He is perverse! Sir. Lawrence Olivier School! University of Wessex! Ballerina, Ardent admirer of Dame Margaret Thatcher! The woman who Got stuff done!
Free_Timocracy Canada @ReinChange @mustangmadd @JulieSDixon Trudeau had been for some time too. 🤷You put Trudeau on a pedestal. I think he did well for Canada during covid and other areas. OTOH, he violated CoI rules & like I detest CPC supporting the convoy, JT was responsible for the character assassination of a decent general officer. Civil engineer; facilities maintenance; RDBMS developer; old armour soldier (RCD, 8CH). Science is in everything; both awe-inspiring and terrifying. Tim = him
Scoobiesshorts Here @NjbBari3 @LettersfromTim I used to remediate asbestos from buildings. In Canada the regulations on how it's handled and disposed of is extensive. Negative pressures, permits for transport, full ppe, allowable number of people at the dump during disposal. And we just let this plague run free Mad, mad, world🇨🇦
CountryMusicEmo Worldwide @WSOnlineNews Are willing to increase Canada defense budget to buy new guns, F-35s, more tanks and arms !!! If not you will never make Canada the free country it deserves to be ! 1 million+ fans Worldwide || TMZ LIVE Guest Commentator || Ozzy look-a-like || || IG: @emoleblanc ||
privacylawyer Canada @_llebrun @pressprogress @brodiefenlon What point? It's not "splitting hairs", and journalists are not there to simply parrot the heritage minister. Electrons are largely free at this point, so your headline could have read "Meta and Google Will Soon Block News in Canada on Their Platforms". I advise global companies on privacy & tech law. I tweet about legal things. Tweets are not legal advice, but free for adoption.
patelyasin16 Toronto, Ontario @JustinTrudeau Develop your canada first . No infrastructure for masses from immigration. No proper cec draws...doctors as foreign national are working in restaurants because of crapty policies ...unimaginable tax healthcare but months of waiting period....and list goes on On a journey of continuos self-improvement
parvinfarazmand Canada @IDA_Canada @Maryam_Rajavi @CPC_HQ @SenateCA @CanadianParl Thank you honourable @stephenharper for your very valuable support and your tireless efforts for supporting Iranian people who are seeking a free, democratic, secular republic Iran #FreeIranWorldSummit2023 #OurChoiceMaryamRajavi @KerryLynneFindl @PierrePoilievre Believe in changing mullahs'regime in Iran . Iranian human rights advocate #IstandwithMaryamRajavi Former political prisoner in #Iran
Ranting4Canada Toronto, Ontario @EdtheSock Ok talking sock. Totalitarianism is step by step process, no one is claiming that Canada has less freedoms than authoritarian regimes. But we are a country that freezes people's bank accounts without due process and that makes us LESS free and left unchecked that will spiral. Senior correspondent for @NatTelegraph and relapsed stand-up comedian Special envoy of the Zionist Conspiracy to the #IranRevolution
DrIanHall Brisbane @VKAbramowicz Free riding works fine up to the point when it doesn't, and if you've not bothered to invest in the diplomatic and defence capabilities you might need if things go wrong, they're likely to go a lot more wrong, quickly. See e.g. Canada's struggle to manage foreign interference. IR Prof @GAIGriffith | Hon Fellow @AIinstitute | 🐍 | India's foreign and security policy | Usual caveats
Oilerfan9911 Edmonton @SteveW928 @scott_jeschke @PeterHRatcliffe Actually, not always, but that’s beside the point. The reality is that anyone with half a brain recognizes that Canada is one of the most free countries in the world. Just because you don’t like the leader and his policies doesn’t make him a dictator.
CHPSRE 🇺🇲 🇷🇺🇮🇳🇨🇳🇦🇺🇧🇷🇹🇷 @PierrePoilievre I hope that you will join me in this fight, and that together we can make Canada a more free and just country for all. 🍁 #CivilRights #HumanRights #PatientRights♿ #SocialJustice #Equality #Freedom ⭐Democracy Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose & direction-JFK
LibTearsareyum Canuckistan @Flash784 @shilajen @JustinTrudeau @ZuzanaCaputova @NATO I live in this craphole Canada. I’ve seen much worse than your post. But if you think for one second that the Ukro pigs are innocent, have I got a bridge in London to sell ya. I’m not some brainwashed asshole you can try n persuade. And fyi the west ain’t “free”. Wife of an alpha Viking man. If you’re looking for polite n politically correct look elsewhere. Don’t fukn DM. I got 99 problems n your crap isn’t gonna be one.
Oilerfan9911 Edmonton @SteveW928 @scott_jeschke @PeterHRatcliffe But not as they are in Canada. Our elections are free and fair and our courts are independent. We have the rule of law. You are being ridiculous if you claim otherwise.
VERDINDF @MSNBC Tyranny, lol. Why do you hate people who support free speech? Are you for Socialist Society? Trust me, you don't want what we have in Canada. Another term with Trudeau is going to ruin this country. Tax individuals to death, and then, with censorship, control the information. active
dobsonian99 "Bars are supervised consumption sites". Excellent! The next time I am at the bar I expect free appetizers, free alcohol and a doctor's note excluding me from work the next day. I have a problem, eh?! #opiods #addiction #alberta #canada #alcoholism Born in Saskatoon. Lives in the water.
Oilerfan9911 Edmonton @SteveW928 @PeterHRatcliffe No one with an ounce of credibility argues Canada’s elections are not free and fair. Nor that we live in a dictatorship. It’s ridiculous and simply reveals how you people have no real idea how a dictatorship works.