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TareqHadhad Nova Scotia, Canada Three years ago today was one of the happiest days of my life: I became a Canadian citizen 🇨🇦. All I wanted as a wartime refugee before then was an opportunity to belong, to be free and to stand on my own feet. Canada gave me that & more. I love this country more than I can tell. CEO/Founder @Peacebychoco, @TEDx Speaker, For bookings: Google National Hero, Studied medicine, Love politics, Proud new Canadian.
wakawaka_doctor 54.9783° N, 1.6178° W UK 🇬🇧 and Canada 🇨🇦 are not the only options available to you. Norway 🇳🇴 is FREE ( will change soon) Iceland 🇮🇸 is FREE Germany 🇩🇪 is FREE Austria 🇦🇹 is cheap Czech Republic is cheap Portugal 🇵🇹 is cheap Start now before they get blocked too #Globetrotter💼||Founder @urbanNomads_||#Doctor 🩺 #Public & #Mentalhealth ||#SpacesHost Get Som’tn off your chest- Wed 7pm|| 📧
CitImmCanada Canada As we mark #internationaldayofeducation, we highlight the impact of Kavita Dau, who prioritized education and gave back to her community by teaching kids online for free during the COVID-19 pandemic: #ImmigrationMatters Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. We answer questions asked from 9 a.m. Mon to 5 p.m. Fri, ET via DM. Terms: Français: @CitImmCanFR
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snaphookgolfuk United Kingdom @BirdiesBro @ben_reno The app is only viewable in the states free and Canada with subscription UK announcement is on way A new premium golf clothing brand coming soon! A new golf data service coming soon. Tournament Reviews. Views are my own, with no political affiliation.
xenialimmi #BritishColumbia conducted #PNP #draw on January 24th, inviting around 274 candidates under the following categories: #SkilledWorker #International #Graduate #EntryLevel and #SemiSkilled Contact #xenialimmigration for a free #eligibility check for #Canada #PR. Immigration & Visa Consultant We have expertise in visa processing for PR, Business, Tourist, Partner visas, etc. to Canada, Australia, UK etc.
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AvalonKing24 Melancholy Hill i've had enough w/ this bullcrap. this group is doomed and i actually feel like they invited me because i just came back from canada and was hoping for someone to carry. nah bitch, pay me first then we'll talk. fork giving help for free. reverse dimensional rizz
BradleyCombs702 Henderson @OrganizerMemes Transit riders, when polled, uniformly say that they would rather have better reliability and greater frequency than free transit. Almost every successful transit system in the world costs money- Those in China, Japan, France, Canada, UK- all cost money. 4th gen Nevadan, @Unlvlaw graduate, Fmr. political organizer, Bike Lane and Crosswalk Enthusiast
demolaio Toronto, Ontario @YemisiSL All milk produced and sold in Canada is artificial growth hormone free 🌚 in a world designed against my own beliefs.
glen_macisaac @RachelNotley You’re standing idly by and watching the death of Canada instead. No one with any sense would vote for your socialism policies and promises of “free everything”. Why the destruction? #NeverNotley Albertan. Canadian. CF Veteran. Patriot.
ShinobuSon California, USA @WUTangKids America spends all of its tax dollars on the military and putting weapons in peoples hands while Canada actually spends its tax dollars on universal health care. It can be done but it won’t be done because free healthcare and free medicine means the government doesn’t make money. I been running with the pain everyday you know I thug it out
nightvale_quote Stay tuned now for our two-hour special: ‘Car Alarms and their Variations’, brought to you commercial-free by Canada Dry. and now, the weather: @revueoflove || Quotes by Welcome to Night Vale podcast by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor
tVoiceOfCitizen Mumbai, India Angry protestors swarm and heckle #JustinTrudeau in Ontario 🔥 #Canada They will not be able to walk down the street. Some preach others about free speech but when it comes to them protests become vendetta, like farmers protest in India was never stopped but Trudeau was preaching Official Twitter Handle of The Voice Of Citizens, NEWS..... TO THE CITIZENS - FOR THE CITIZENS - BY THE CITIZENS
springcanadian1 Canada @nilikm In #Canada it's easy to get the #free #COVID19 & #flu #vaccine. Just walk in to a local #Pharmacy to get #vaccinated. #influenza #immunization #publichealthcare I'm a Harry Potter fan. My opinions are my own. If you don't like them please don't follow me. My pronouns are she/ her.
LapisLazuli234 @Riderfan456 @BubbaTrumpFan @marybeth5025 @DJT2024Hive @ReturnNormalcy Fair trade is not free trade and no USMCA forked over Canada and was objectively better desimps don’t understand policy or actual conservativism they’re cheap knock offs who lie Autistic + I have ADHD and but it doesn’t define me America first soc dem
ccddeee1 @McDonalds unofficially no more free soft drink refill at canada?i just bought 2 trios and refilled mid cup with the self service machine and got charged by staff with a 24hr branch. how did you guys got free french fries refill?
AlexandreMuise @CTVAtlantic We shouldn't lower the bar for doctors operating on Canadians just because they come from another country... then again, we are strapped for doctors and healthcare sucks lately in waiting periods. But hey, it's government funded and if it's not good enough; free MAiD in Canada 🤡🌍
Midnightlime23 Auburn, WA @csommerville1 @SenWarren You want to live gun free. Go to Canada and the tyrant right now running the show. Northwest located work etc etc
CanadaAvenue Nehru Place, New Delhi If you are immigrating to Saskatchewan, Canada, you don’t need to worry about being treated wrongly or abused during the immigration and recruitment process For more information or any query, call us on Toll-Free No. 78-18-000-777 or drop an email at Canada PR Avenue is a subsidiary of Visas Avenue- One of the leading Canada Immigration Consultancy Companies in India.
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Cowgirl806 Texas, USA @CrispPBacon77 One day I may visit Canada but not under Trudeau, he’d have me arrested for being a free thinker and slung in a jail out in the Yukon lol 😂 Proud Texan,Married,Longhorns/Cowboys,Secession is key,Finish the wall,Patriot,Trump Won, 2A 1A,God Guns,Family.I back down to nobody,🚫DM’s
Bee56060583 @AndrewCote91 I thought canada was the true north strong and FREE. What is up with Freedom Convoy, i dont get it. They dont understand how lucky they are living free in this beautiful country. They dont know what its like to be opressed and living in fear. L💟ve my D💟gs. All things wild and nature. Quiet, lone time.
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LongTuskMusk @Captaincoby00 I live in Korea and I can assure you its a much more free country than Canada is.
realJamesIan Vancouver Island @AndersonAfDMdEP We welcome you to Canada - the True North Strong and Free - I and many others appreciate your attention and support. 34 years in Forest Research. Cannot un-see what I've seen, cannot un-know what I know, will not disengage my brain. 2+2=4.
TheOfficialGVS Deira Dubai 𝗔𝘃𝗮𝗶𝗹𝗮𝗯𝗹𝗲 𝗖𝗼𝘂𝗿𝘀𝗲𝘀: 📌Business – General 📌Business – Accounting 📌Business – Sales and Marketing 𝗘𝗡𝗥𝗢𝗟𝗟 𝗡𝗢𝗪!📝 Let's start processing your Student Visa to Canada. Register here: #CanadaStudentVisa #Business Keeping families united.
Skins_Ray @ABDanielleSmith @nateglubish As a remote tech worker free to live anywhere in the world and become a tax resident of the respective jurisdiction, I say CUT TAX! I'd instead leave Canada and pay nothing to Canada than give half of my hard-earned money to the Government. No government deserves to ask for 50%.
InSEAOfficial Global Only three days left to book... Possible Publications? Sharing, Recognising and Acknowledging your Work-Meet the InSEA IMAG journal editors. SATURDAY 28 JANUARY 0800 - 0900 (Mountain Time USA/Canada) 1500 - 1600 GMT FREE tickets at The International Society for Education through Art. Official partner to UNESCO and globally promoting visual arts education. Visit our website
JimArtsforLife Tallahassee, FL “Swept” - Original acrylic in expressionist style on 24x18in canvas, framed. Ships free to the US and Canada. #Artist I make things that my brain makes up.
free_forth @JustinTrudeau Puke off! Your head is so far up Klaus Schwab’s bottom that you are willing to sacrifice Canada and Canadians! You are disgusting!! Canadian born and raised, freedom lover, mother, friend, writer, blogger, believer and dreamer.
firesalt Los Angeles, CA @merrittk i moved to Canada & lived in beautiful, nice, efficient, public-transit haven Toronto. i had all the free healthcare my widdle heart could desire and was a year from full citizenship when I moved back to America for a guy and now I can't afford to go to the doctor 🤡 me
remirol1956 North Bay Ontario Canada @ConsumerSOS The local news market is being reshaped Canada's two largest newspaper companies striking a deal to swap a total of 37 community newspapers and four free commuter papers and then shutting most of those newly acquired publications in regions where they compete with existing news A Spiritual Man, Love, Tolerance, Forgiveness, PTSD survivor, Photography allows me to heal on a Daily Basis,
WynnEwer2 #PPC2023 Canada Strong And Free #VotePPC Common Sense Happily married, no DM’s, Been a truth seeker for 25 years, so much is being exposed. #PPC. Pray for World Peace. Btw I painted the frog.
6572MISTY @ABDanielleSmith Trudeau is known for his dictatorship and bad decision maker. A Coward with insecurities unable to meet with anyone smarter than him as Danielle Smith and Scott Moe. Trudeau and Singh and Notley need to find themselves another job and leave Canada happy and free.
SaraSundaysara @WhiteHouse And it was given to you for free from Canada. To the world.
rentalsfornewc Toronto, Canada Register now for our FREE Canadian Connections Summit in February and get expert advice about working, living, and settling in #Canada. #IndoPacificCanada #workingincanada #livingintoronto #jobsincanada #jobsincanada #livingincanada #rentingincanada Helping newcomers avoid the headaches, heartaches and expenses (both time and money) in the rental search by promoting the landlords who value newcomers.
PrydePoet Some of the finest Canadians were in and supported the #FreedomConvoy. I know the media portrayed us differently; I don't blame you for thinking like you did; but just watch THIS now; you'll start to understand. #True #North #Strong #Free #Canada #Courage #Kinship #diverse Direct Democracy Human Rights Universal Love Science, not Scientism. B amazed @ what I can do w/ 150 chars 'anti' in a good way Hive Blog.
SchwarzGretchen @BoDouglas8 @Carmatta1 @ThisIsKyleR I live in Canada, bro. We have no guns, no crime, no mass murders, very clean streets, and free health care. Have fun being afraid all the time! Lifelong musician/social justice activist/academic; family comes first
mexicanrdhd Austin, TX @aaroncrumm @WUTangKids Crying laughing. Where on earth do you get that there’s no free speech in Canada? And everything you are describing happens here in the US, except we have to pay for the “privilege.”
comicsmaxi Turbotax Canada: How to Get Free Tax Services and Advice – Struggling to file your taxes in Canada? Get free guidance and advice with Turbotax! Find out what tax services you can get for free, from...
SteveAchieve8 Turbotax Canada: How to Get Free Tax Services and Advice – Struggling to file your taxes in Canada? Get free guidance and advice with Turbotax! Find out what tax services you can get for free, from... Web advocate. Food expert. Internet specialist. Analyst. Tv practitioner. Extreme twitter fanatic. Wannabe gamer.
HairSite worldwide Hair restoration from Hasson & Wong, the top ranked #1 hair clinic in Canada according to HairSite patient result statistics. Free cost estimates from Hasson & Wong and up to 20 other hair clinics worldwide with 1 click - #hair #haircare #canada Hair loss & hair restoration news since 1997. Free consultation with up to 20 hair specialists worldwide with 1 click
maniness @WUTangKids @leahnavarro Hmm I dont think the free medication bit is correct. I had to pay for mine or it was paid through pvt insurance provided by my employer. But it was never 100% free. Everything else is true and it worked perfectly. Love the health system in Canada 💕 #Bitcoin/ $ETH and $DEFI
CBurrdog4ever @TPostMillennial Good to know, I thought Canada was finished as a free country, and this indicates there may still be hope. Husband, Father, Grandfather —-Love individual freedoms / responsibilities as a way of life; SW product owner, manager, director Teams building great solutions
IranInPhotos Islamic Republic of Iran @JosepBorrellF @TobiasBillstrom irgc is terrorist so is tobias and josep and usa and uk canada france germany we will free Iran and we will go after one by one of you. You will be held liable and accountable and responsible for every single death in Iran u hear me t*rist josep and tobias ? IRAN, is a country in Western Asia. The name “Iran”, which in Persian means “Land Of Aryans” 🦅
novacaine7734 Rocky View County, Alberta @FridayTerry78 @canmericanized Remember this guy got denied bail due to his ideologies. But Rapists, Drug Dealers, and Murderers were let free on Bail. This is NOT the Canada I want to live in. Why happened to the right to criticize the Government? Why happened to Peaceful demonstrations? #forktrudeau 🇨🇦 Proud Western Canadian! 🇨🇦