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IranIntl_En London, UK On Feb. 15, Iranian journalists Niloufar Hamedi and Elaheh Mohammadi, who have been jailed since Sept. for reporting Mahsa Amini's death in police custody, will receive International Press Freedom Award from Canadian Journalists for Free Expression (@CJFE), @TorontoStar reported. The First 24/7 Persian News Channel | Official English account of @IranIntl
nikahang Washington DC On Feb. 15, Hamedi and Mohammadi will receive an International Press Freedom Award from Canadian Journalists for Free Expression .via @torontostar @CRNetInt #Iran #Water #EnvironmentalJustice RT≠Endorsement #IranRevolution #Fibromyalgia روزنامه‌نگار حوزه آب و زمین‌شناسی تهمت/اتلاف وقت/ترول/بلاهت=بلاک
CJFE Toronto, Canada CJFE is proud to announce its highest accolade, an International Press Freedom Award, will be awarded to Niloofar Hamedi and Elahe Mohammadi, the two Iranian journalists who covered the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini. #mahsaami̇ni̇ (1/4) Canadian Journalists for Free Expression monitors, defends and promotes free expression and access to information in Canada and around the world.
DeeThomas50 @Joe__Canadian @liberal_party Just read your handle, if loving your country is suppression of free speech, state sponsored media, cronyism, compliance without challenge, grift and incompetence, you are spot on. What built your hospitals and social net for you?
KellyCh80459892 Vancouver, British Columbia @CTVNews I would never buy US dairy. It's overprocessed and has rbST in it, which is a growth hormone. Canadian dairy is higher quality and rbST free. Medical Transcriptionist/Editor all Specialties including Radiology. Hip fan. Science believer. Proud family member of WWI and WWII veterans.
GarySooley @VELOVERITAS @krismeloche It’s an embarrassment to Canadian society, go vacation in the Ukraine bring an assault rifle and a side arm, you will appreciate the country you currently take for granted much more upon your return, your as free as your gonna get my friend, wake up Medical pot user and veteran, vaccinated liberal thinker, non conservative
JFrancisJones @nationalpost To my knowledge, as a Canadian, he is free to travel wherever he wants in Canada. And his rights, under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, trump the feelings of people who don't like him as a public speaker, do they not? Or did something changed since the last time I checked? I can roll with it, whatever it is.
cartersiddall Toronto The Canadian "Breaking Bad" is about a 50 year old high school teacher who finds out he has cancer and gets free treatment thanks to socialized medicine. It lasts one episode. I’m in a commercial for Canada Post and haven’t caught Covid yet. Represented by @agencyritter
Gabenewsinfo @GinaRaeGiovanni @ctvottawa Regardless of what we may think of Peterson, I suggest that you actually look at the applicable sections of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms regarding free speech and which restrictions exist. In my humble opinion Peterson's views don't fall within the restrictions. In a time of misinformation credibility is a must to counter the extremists on all sides. Faire nôtre part pour la vérité afin de contrer tous les extrémistes.
TheBlueLib Waikato District, New Zealand @Canadian_Errant @gwynncompton I’ve just downloaded and discovered that! Frustrating. Big fan of flightradar for that reason (free). Urban liberal in the provinces. Pro-vax, pro-choice, pro-green, pro-growth, fiscally conservative YIMBY.
Shibbabydoge 🇨🇦 @MaximeBernier those were the proudest days iv had being Canadian True North Strong and Free, the Truckers stand on guard for thee ty truckers and all who supported them was a incredible moment in our countries history! never been prouder and more hopeful for our future #SHIB #SHIBARIUM #SHIBETERNITY #BONE #LEASH #SHI #BABYDOGE
CandaceElliott Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Just re-purchased one of favourite fragrances Soft Woods by @Libertine_Frag a Canadian perfume house making unisex, vegan and cruelty free gorgeous scents! #yeg #yegmade #fragrance Freelance 📸 Traveller ✈️ Driver 🏁 Diver🤿 Volunteer with Meals on Wheels/Pet Visitor
SlySarkisova Toronto, ON rhetorical devices Churchill was singing his praises initially. His sole mission was to in Hitler’s own words: “Free men from the dirty and degrading ideas of conscience and morality.” And the Canadian, American and far right fascist supporting populists across the globe soak MSW Psychotherapist 🌈🏳️‍⚧️, Writer, #traumainformed #2SLGBTQ #MentalHealth #CPTSD, #Trans/ #Nonbinary Affirmative Healthcare Leadership since 2003 ⚔️ 🚫advice
grownupin40s Greater Vancouver A @RE_MarketWatch @PierrePoilievre He is not wrong. It’s stupid to waste time and money on getting high education degrees. Canadian born folks know what the market wants. It’s the free market decides how much you should be paid. But for immigrants, you need a high degree to win the merit to beat other competitors. 姨粉|Be Humble Be Patient Be Brave | Hope Is A Mistake |
free_forth @LeslieC68 @MrT00813057 NDP is all you had to say and a fantastic example of why no thinking Canadian should ever vote for them. Canadian born and raised, freedom lover, mother, friend, writer, blogger, believer and dreamer.
AlbertaFirst19 Alberta, Canada @RachelNotley Well, we do pay for it with Exorbitant Taxes. It is not free, and it is not quick access The Canadian Healthcare System is an unmitigated disaster b/c of politicians like & the unions that support u. Time to Gut the Bureaucracy. Time for more private, less Union. LIFE USE AT YOUR OWN RISK- @wef/ MSM is the Enemy of the People. I don't share my Health Info, Consider Me Un Jabbed.
douglasssteve Niagara Falls, Canada. Imagine stealing $325 million and getting away with it, almost The incredible and brazen theft of $325 million from the U.S and Canadian Governments “I had no idea that the things that took place in this book were going on #free #CrimeFiction #thrillers Author of THE KING TRILOGY, the amazing story of a stolen fortune, and its catastrophic effect on a loving family. Love to write, read and travel. #amreading
PulatovShukhrat Toronto, Ontario, Canada 2/ MAFIA chooses a PM of 🇨🇦, ordinary Canadians are voiceless SLAVES!DO you want to be your children to be a Canadian slaves? CORRUPTION in 🇨🇦 is the high 5 in the world(I was born in the USSR-Soviet Union) and I know what I am talking about! 🇨🇦 is free zone for MAFIA! FACT! Freedom is the key for development! Traveled and trained worldwide. Food Manufacturing Professional, with huge international experience!
gnfbsurrey 15299 68 Ave surrey A free orientation workshop to help you understand the Canadian community and make a smooth transition. Be it health, employment, accommodation, or any other problem you're dealing with right now, you can question. Register here to know more: Giving back to the community, any one in need for grocery,food can reach us at +1(604) 580 1313 or
CACHEproject This short documentary film attempts to define the human spirit. This story attempts to define what it means to be human, what it means to be Canadian, what it means to be Albertan, and what it means to understand the ancient art of drummaking. CACHE: A collection of artifacts, stories, culturally significant, community minded, historically framed, artistically, originally executed.
watchdozka British Columbia, Canada @CBCNews Living a stress free life will not prepare Canadian-born kids to the Canadian labor market competition. You will compete with the skilled immigrants from around the world. Smart, hard-working and stress-resilient people are coming in. Access to Post-secondary is impacted as well. researcher and educator interested in privacy, FOI and ways, public administrations employ technology, to make our society more transparent.
Misty45018831 Canadian government posts $3.6 billion deficit between April and November Huge deficit and yet we can give away our military hardware for free. Government needs to introduce a balanced budget law asap.
emilydohrk Madison, WI @hannahhisdead Honestly I might go on an Emily and Zissou circle tour of the Midwest. Maybe even venture into Canada! Try to snag a nice Canadian and get me some free healthcare. 30, biologist, colorado state alum, weird horse girl, dashcon survivor. opinions my own.
AndrewWinstan14 Vancouver, British Columbia This type of severe sentence handed down by an English (and, earlier today, a Canadian) court for what in the United States might be perceived as legally protected free speech under the 1st Amendment demonstrates that our countries differ on more than just the 2nd Amendment. 🇨🇦🇯🇲🇮🇹B.A.LL.B (Dal), LL.M. (Harv.). Canada, the world’s first ’post-national’ country? Scepticism and Wonder, except when watching soccer.
Brewski2020 Ottawa, Ontario @WEEDLFG @denisebatters Weeds, buddy, The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society. The convoy was an illegal occupation A pair of skis are the ultimate transportation to Freedom. -Warren Miller
MemeJedi71 Canada @cdnrefusenik We never had free speech only an illusion of it they just wanna steer people to à political solution both Pierre polvier and Justin Trudeau work for same masonic organization. Left vs right when both sides of Canadian politics going to wake up to the deception World's best meme maker. Only fools support politicians on both sides. Natural law is the only choice
MysticMullet @WakeAwake1 RSO or Rick Simpson Oil. Canadian Govt cane after Rick, who grew the plants and made the medicine for free and gave it out to people. God bless Rick! Jesus Christ was a mystic who taught that everyone is God itself in human form and in no way do you need him to experience this fact.
204queen0574 Winnipeg, Manitoba @Durmo2010 @BCReality Two sources in Manitoba are still owned by Canadian companies. The Winnipeg Free Press and Brandon Sun. Alternate account for 204girl0574. Unapologetically opinionated and a true smart ass. Sarcasm is my mother tongue. NO DMS/LISTS!!!
Gothamresist New York Sick Canadian woman killed in hospital food court by 2 security guards because she wasn't wearing her mask properly. A POS Canadian judge ruled they committed no crime and set them free. Don't watch if you don't want your blood boiling. Queens, NY - MAGA, Independent Thinker, Anti-Woke, Pro 2nd A, Pro Medical Freedom, Health & Fitness, Dog Lover, Government is the problem. 🇺🇸 🇭🇷
rosskay Ontario, Canada @shoshannasaxe @globeandmail Assuming you understand... The Average Size of a Canadian home has decreased for more than 20 years. The Average Size of a Single Detached Building lot has decreased for more than 35 yrs. Yes, Public Transit should be fully funded from Property Taxes and Fare Free. Housing Market Intelligence you can Trust Canada's Authority on HomeOwnership and The Trading Cycle. Powering brands you trust including The Wealthy HomeOwner™
planfarmsafety Canada Join us for a free online forum on January 31, 2023 at 12PM CST. Farming, Safety, and Mental Wellbeing with Dr. Briana Hagen, CEO, Canadian Centre for Agricultural Wellbeing. Register today! The Canadian Agricultural Safety Association's vision: Safe and sustainable agriculture where healthy Canadian farm communities thrive.
BanditHeeler10 @PierrePoilievre You are nothing but a swarmy little con man who panders to the lowest common dominator of Canadian society. But, I'll give you a shot. Feel free to DM me and convince me why you should be our leader. I know you wont because you're a chicken crap, but go for it. Convince me.
Barrieshepley In Caledon Ontario Toboggan, skate, 3 on 3 hockey, snowshoe and more. 12-4pm on Sat Jan 28th at the C3 James Dick Quarry. Open to all free on the day. Hourly draw prizes. You need a helmet (hockey or cycling) if your skating. See you Sat for a fun Canadian day Gratitude for my blessings. Greatest wife in Caron. Been to 6 Olympics & 30 World Tri Champs as coach or commentator. Lucky to be supported by amazing friends
Chesterkcs1 @CBCNews He's right. And your free Canadian taxpayers' money trip is almost. #TrudeauMustGo #DefundTheCBC #PierrePoilievreForPM I work far too much
RuleofLawCanada British Columbia, Canada @TDF_Can Is Canada a legalocracy? Are the Free People ruled by the aristocratic Judiciary and their minions; lawyers, politicians, police, public prosecution and the public service. The Judiciary claims they have discretion over the transcript, the best evidence any Canadian could provide power to the people confronting corruption and fraud in our political / legal system
GeorginaQuigle4 @justinbaragona I’m Canadian. Toronto born. Love my country and Trudeau. I’m educated and free. I visit USA frequently and all I meet like Canada 🇨🇦💖
WOBCCanada Chrissanthi Nastopoulos - Stylist - Fifth Avenue Collection by Chrissanthi ~ A Canadian based company of High Fashion Jewellery that are Nickle, lead and cadmium free. Learn more at WOBC is an organization dedicated to promoting women in business through social media. Join today!
heinzsight2020 Treaty 6 land (Edmonton, AB) Very honored to be joining Dr. Diane Redsky at @DefendDignity’s 2023 Canadian Sexual Exploitation Summit this May to discuss the municipal licensing and regulation of brothels. Registration is now open, and it’s free! Several great sessions and speakers! Commercial Sexual Exploitation Scholar & Activist. 7yrs in prostitution (2006-2013). Working on a film & a book (Spring 2023 releases).
ChemWit Tampa, FL @timseymour The focus should be on free cash flow. Capital harder to come by and at higher interest rates, SAFE dead so less institutional capital/uplisting, and 280E hurting margins. Still in much better shape than Canadian CannaCos though, growth ahead in key markets! Co-Founder and CEO @psilera. PhD scientist with 15 years in drug discovery trying to make an impact on mental health. All opinions are my own.
tracyinkits Calgary Alberta @claytoncarruthe @HenriAGS @barbarafriesen @CRTCeng We don't have Free Speech in Canada. We have freedom of Assembly and Tucker isn't on Canadian soil. We also have Hate crimes which when using Freedom of Assembly means your words matter. Fox is an Entertainment Channel it is NOT a broadcasting channel. Tucker is merely an actor. nurse, news junkie, lover of the human race, hiker, sunny patios, home decore, animal lover.😷
InvestNorthBay North Bay, Ontario Join the ExportON! Exporting to Europe Webinar Thurs, Feb 9, 10:30 am - 12 pm EST The Comprehensive Economic and Free Trade Agreement (CETA) with the EU has eliminated tariffs on 98% of Canadian goods. Register here to learn more: The Economic Development Department assists existing businesses, prospective investors, and community partners with business & community development projects.
Mentor_Works Guelph, Ontario, Canada Electric and #autonomous vehicles are set to disrupt Canada's #automotive industry by 2030. Is your business ready to leverage these #Canadian trends for long-term growth? Download this #free #resource to explore #research opportunities and trends: We are the Government Funding Planners. Learn how to grow your business with a Proactive Funding Plan of #Canadian #funding, #grants, and #tax incentives. 🍁
DvrcUrAlmaMater in the heads of the Left @elonmusk #DivorceYourAlmaMater Faculty at U.S. and Canadian universities and colleges are now enemies of free speech and critical thinking, but they still love money. Make a change, withhold giving and defund our institutions of higher learning.
kildallogue Strokestown @deirdremaryk @Kieronellis27 And they jumped thru hoops to get there, no Canadian government going to put them up for free. Whats rare is wonderful...except steak.
IranRevReport Ecbatana Canadian Journalists for Free Expression is awarding its International Press Freedom Award to #NiloofarHamedi and #ElaheMohammadi for risking their freedom & lives in order to expose Iran’s violent treatment of women #MahsaAmini #IranRevolution #IRGCterrorists News and reports directly from the streets of Iran. Followed by news updates from outside Iran. Data and maps updated daily. Tue 6pm EST & Thur 11pm EST.
CCPA_TIRP Ottawa Canada joins ambiguous, putatively "worker-focused" US-led Latin American security and trade negotiations. If effort results in cancelling existing Canadian free trade deals in region, that would be interesting. #USMCA #CUSMA A CCPA project pooling expertise from a range of Canadian NGOs, unions and academics studying trade treaties and globalization.
omghibreastie she/her 20 @mygenigma To avoid problems encountered with the 1985 breakfast, the 2007 menu was designed for ease of operation, lower cost, and reduced preparation time.[55] In January 2016, Wendy's announced a transition plan to serve only cage-free eggs by 2020 in all U.S. and Canadian locations
casecanada Canada Discover a free to use library of 400+ supported employment tools and resources published by CASE, its members, and other Canadian and international organizations. Access this rich source of information at #DisabilityInclusion The Canadian Association for #SupportedEmployment works to increase #employment #inclusion for people with a #disability & support #cdnbusiness with #diversity
everydayatelier Calgary, Alberta, Canada Teens, teachers and caregivers! Check out The Importance of Black Canadian History in the age of #BlackLivesMatter and other FREE #BlackHistory programs @calgarylibrary A painter of memories. Educating @calgarylibrary Wife of @shedpub making great beer @estbrew Yoga,run,knit,sew,read,nap,renovate.