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WillfulWills Toronto, Ontario #Estateplanning and making a #will can feel overwhelming, which is why we’ve put together this free easy-to-read guide to help break it down. Download for free ⬇️ Willful makes it easy to create a will online & it's more convenient and affordable than visiting a lawyer. 57% of Canadian adults don't have a will. Do you?
MavenOfMayhem Ottawa, Canada Connecticut just became a safe state for those fleeing states where affirming trans kids and/or seeking abortion is illegal. My immediate thought was relief. My second was heartbreak. As a Canadian, I grew up knowing American as “land of the free.” Nothing about this is free. 💔 Your nonbinary internet mom. Award-winning journalist, bestselling author, advocate, speaker, trauma survivor, pretend fancy person, mom to 4. They/She
Cooper4SAE St. Albert-Edmonton Last November I wrote the Minister of Health about CIHR mislabeling Taiwan as a province of China. Six months later, nothing has changed. Taiwan is not a province of China. Taiwan is free and sovereign. Time for Canadian government institutions to recognize this. Conservative Member of Parliament for St. Albert-Edmonton
TorontoStar 1 Yonge St., Toronto, Canada Other Canadian cities have relaxed rules around booze in parks with few complaints. Why not Toronto? There’s no reason, other than a totally unearned sense of arrogance, to think the experience in Toronto would be any different, writes @GraphicMatt. Get the latest news, alerts, sports, photos and more from Canada's largest daily newspaper. 1-800-279-0181 Instagram: (@)thetorontostar
TFromanger Hamilton, Ontario @PierrePoilievre Why are you lying, we already are one of the freest countries in the world, you and fascist backers have been free to spread un Canadian lies yet you and them that are for takings freedoms from others retired
The_RomaArmy Calgary, Alberta I’ve noticed most people who are upset about “free speech” are pissed off cuz they think their regressive right wing opinions will land them in jail? @jordanbpeterson misinterpreted Bill C16 and convinced his Canadian fans that theyll be sent to jail for misgendering someone 🤣 Tattooed Gender Advocate That Seeks To Challenge Feminism, And Deradicalize Mens Rights. 😈Egalitarian~ Est. 97~ YYC~ 🇷🇴🇬🇷
TrevorEastcost @PaigePang1 @theelement27 I would have laughed too , both my 70 year parents have had COVID along with the rest of my family , got through it without even a cough or a sniffle. Go get vaccinated and live your life , when it’s your time to go , there’s nothing you can do . From the free living Canadian.
4AnimalLife @TheSpec "According to the federal government, more than 450 Canadian media outlets closed between 2008 and 2021, and in 2020, 80 per cent of online ad revenues went to Google and Facebook." We need a robust free press for an informed citizenry and to protect democracy. Pay up, #BigTech. Animal advocate-elephants, dogs & all animals. Friends of Lucy, Global March for Elephants & Rhinos & volunteer writer for Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary.
DoctorGerhard London, England Justin Trudeau accepts freedoms for Ukrainians that he won’t allow Canadians to enjoy. Trudeau was traipsing around 35% vaccinated Kiev mask-free while he insisted on hiding from Canadian truckers and their Freedom Convoy supporters. Free Thinker. QE makes only 0.1% richer. Pro Peace. Anti MSM lies. Anti Imperialism. Anti Globalism. Anti Racism. #JCwasright. Drain the Swamp. 🌹Red 💯
i_canadians After almost getting assaulted by a deranged person at work, I must credit our free healthcare in truly helping our people. /S. Time to send out another big ol fork YOU to the Canadian government (especially federal but all other levels too) AND much of the sheeple populace. Canada reminds me of the scene in Black Mirror: Nosedive when the snobs destroy Lacie. Btw, it’s also a RACIST country! And I DON’T CARE if this hurts people.
RRWitkop @JackPosobiec @tedfrank @Cernovich We should invade and free Canada. Turn it into a territory. Trudeau is a CCP plant and sycophant. Trudeau and Canadian leadership needs to be taken out #FreeCanada 40 yo Christian Conservative Populist. Former MN Peace Officer.
SeirX Canada @Nvrstle @CultureKill @soUNTOUCHABLE2 I had to sing that part of the US national anthem(thank you, baseball games) to be sure - "~O say does that star-spangled banner still waaave, for the laaAaand of the Free!(breathe) And the Hoome.Of.The...Braaaaaaave" Hope I didn't mangle it with my Canadian Accent. More Canadian than Wolverine & Poutine.
chris_command Quebec, Canada (unfortunately) @Ana_The_Lioness @globeandmail @menakarw People like you are the reason why the Canadian health care system has become worse and worse. Because all you can do is compare Canada to the US, and politicians exploit that to avoid any actual investment. "It's free here therefore there's no problems!" Hey friend, listen, I know the world is scary right now but... It's gonna get way worse.
SarahTaber_bww Fayetteville, NC And that autopilot tendency has HUGE ramifications for US dairy policy. US dairy farmers are terrified of the free market. "But Canadian farmers are subsidized-" LOL tell me you know nothing about US dairy policy w/o telling me you know nothing about US dairy policy. Crop scientist, ex-farmworker, industrial safety pro. Believe workers. She/her.
MatthewBehren11 We only need 400 more signatures to reach 7,500! If you oppose torture, arbitrary detention, racial profiling, Islamophobia, and the galling hypocrisy of the Trudeau govt on these issues, please sign! The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice. But we shouldn't just wait for it to bend. Our collective hands can make it bend faster.
MytruthMybody @SuperMikhail1 @guitarpikr @FedsForFreedom @Chuck_zw Only .2% of Canadians voted and if that for Trudeau. That son of a bitch does not speak for me as a Canadian. I am a free individual, born with my natural rights. No one gave them to me, and no Human has the right to take my rights away. God bless all, and be well. Standing up for Personal choice, all my posts or repost do not necessarily mean I endorse them or fully believe in them. Free speech is Essential.
dbarcon ⁦@CBCNews⁩ has already started giving Trump and his buddies free time. I’m disgusted at pandering and implicit support a Canadian network offers the worst president in US history. 🤮 Candidate for Prime Minister of Canada American. Otherwise, a decent American living in Canada.
b959801 @OmarAlghabra End your disgusting travel mandates and start treating Canadians with dignity and respect. Thank God I married an American 28 years ago and can escape your horrible destruction of my beloved country and go live in freedom. Wish I could take every other vax free Canadian with me.
bfp_news Burlington, Vermont Although a test is no longer required for the fully vaccinated, anyone planning on crossing the border into Canada and back must still take time to fill out online paperwork and have information ready at the border. Here are three things to remember. Vermont headlines and breaking news from the Burlington Free Press. Updated by BFP newsroom staff. Part of the USA Today Network.
GlynBarrett iPhone: 51.502747,-2.478729 ALL HUMAN BEINGS ARE BORN FREE AND EQUAL IN DIGNITY AND RIGHTS @ Canadian Museum for Human Rights Husband, Father, MCFC, Motorbikes,coffee, !Audacious, Assemblies of God Great Britain,
voters_canadian Reaching out to all #canadians we need to come together and unite. . #unity #canada #freedom #strong & #free A membership of citizens with the goal of ensuring the basic foundations of democracy are upheld, protected and integral to the governance of Canada.
CamDeBaets Canada Free Pat King, Tyson "Freedom George" Billings and take the gag off of Tamara Lich. Stop violating their rights. Thanks from this Canadian Patriot. A human being trying to patiently understand everybody.
hosannavaughn7 British Columbia, Canada @GeneticLunacy And Ukrainians are free from the mandate and can take Canadian jobs and not be vaxxed. Think about that. 🌷My journey towards the healing power of forgiveness. Voice for the rights of children & mothers. Fear is a Liar.
FreeWillPeach New Mexico, USA @tedfrank I disagree. We must depose the dictator Trudeau and free our Canadian brethren from their enslavement. Now! Physics Professor, University of New Mexico
DavidPretty5 Good Country Canada @mizdefiant @ChelseaHillier6 Stuck in the liberal craw, not one political party on the hill supports informed choice, addressing carbon tax crisis. 2030 is coming to fruition, and the Peoples Party supports Canadian voices. Canada should be a free country, your vote will count, and voter turn out counts. 🇨🇦 🇬🇧 🇺🇸 Freedom Responsibility Fairness and Respect in Ottawa Maxime Bernier will stand up for Canadians first. Join the Party
vroomerN Canada @levinepmc This may be a bit misleading. Should the plant be Canadian owned, it probably would not be allowed to sell into China... China is not a free country, and only allows capitalism up to a point. State control is paramount. Dairy goat and cow producers benefit, but mostly China Old 'time' clock collector. Shoot from the 'right' side. Demand accountability. My opinions are my own. Freedom is paramount
j_stenerson @MementoMoriR1 @daviddoel @jordanbpeterson Jordan doesn't go on US media with the ineptitude of giving a direct "Canadian perspective" tho that's David's claim to fame and disingenuous as he lives in a bubble. I also tweeted to Jordan my thoughts regarding beauty...feel free to look at them.
JewishVancouver Vancouver, BC #ICYMI @birthright is back and this year with direct flights from YVR. If you are a Jewish Canadian between the ages of 18–32 this is your opportunity to visit Israel for free! Learn more: Federation works to build a strong, vibrant, enduring Jewish community in the Lower Mainland, in Israel and throughout the world.
CastilloMarcos7 Chandler Arizona @tedcruz Refused? Anyways, there's a beautiful country directly south of you with plenty of formula. Oh and maybe if you and your lot didn't get all giggly over putting an 18% tariff on Canadian formula maybe we could've had that free trade your side is always actions like they support #Quadriplegic 17 yrs post. #CIDP 3 yrs post. father of 3 15 yrs post #advocate #DisabledChicano
YoungStreete Unless @StevenDelDuca is ready to throw Trudeau under the bus, he is part of a political party that has made life less affordable for almost every Canadian. Out of control inflation and too many taxes to help pay for all the “free” stuff. #onpoli I pronounce popcorn as pupcorn. So what.
sftorbit ♡ bts⁷ + txt + ggs ♡ I’m gonna have a nap and try not to think about the Canadian government giving r@pists a free pass to do whatever they want 21 . 🇨🇦 . she/her
paulsellall Brampton,Ontario Tech startups are looking for innovative solutions to free up the global logjam in getting goods to market. Thinking of Buying or Selling Real Estate. Finding Right Buyer for Your Home is What I do. Let's talk Real Estate. Call/Text Now 416-854-5374 or
mmoals4 Ontario, Canada @PierrePoilievre Look how free Canada is!! PP supported the Ottawa occupation & the white supremacy leaders! Supported the harrassment of Canadian residents! Say no to joining his cult of hate and anger!! #PierrePoilievreIsLyingToYou #pierrepoilievreisafascist #NeverVoteConservative Pro-choice. Candidate for Prime Minister of Canada. #IAMCANADIAN. 🇨🇦 🏳️‍🌈 ally. #WearYourMask #GetVaccinated #TeamTrudeau. #VoteFordOut2022. #NeverVoteCons
Canadian_Film Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 🎞️ EUSFF Program 1: Modern Times. 7 shorts on the trials and beauty of modernity. Films from Ukraine, Romania, Lithuania, Hungary, Luxembourg, France & Bulgaria. 📆 FREE screening, 1pm @ByTowne, May 21 🖥️ Details here: @EUinCanada #EUSFF22 #OttawaEvents The Canadian Film Institute promotes the production, diffusion, study, appreciation, and use of moving images in Canada and abroad.
stock_driver_ @VexMurphy @jordanbpeterson @YouTube Is he like a serial killer of Canadian institutions from the rule of law, to Bank of Canada, to free and fair elections? "FBI estimates...of 500 recorded serial killers in U.S. history, fully 16% were adopted..only 2-3% of the general population adopted
BoyleMoriya Moncton, New Brunswick Another happy reader! Our #winner of the Giveaway is enjoying 2 free books written by Atlantic Canadian authors! 🍄🌱 If you want the Chance to Winn FREEE books and many more things… then you MUST enter my #biggest #giveaway starting May 23rd for a chance to win BIG PRIZES 👀💘 @litdigitally youth Ambassador | Moncton New Brunswick 📍| CR: The rest is silence by: Scott Fotheringham | Follow my TikTok: ❕❕@reading_with_moriya❕❕
MatthewBehren11 can also sign and share this petition demanding repatriation for Jack and 43 other Canadian men, women and KIDS held in detention under conditions akin to torture and known as "Guantanamo on the Euphrates". The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice. But we shouldn't just wait for it to bend. Our collective hands can make it bend faster.
WOBCCanada Chrissanthi Nastopoulos - Stylist - Fifth Avenue Collection by Chrissanthi ~ A Canadian based company of High Fashion Jewellery that are Nickle, lead and cadmium free. Learn more at WOBC is an organization dedicated to promoting women in business through social media. Join today!
LuciferSam44 Alta California, New Spain @The_canddyman @RBReich So SB179 forbids a nursing home staff from going out of their way to misgender a trans patient. They're working FOR the patient. How does that have anything to do with free speech, did you just mix the Canadian Jordan Peterson stuff up with this and call it the same thing? I'm a liberal but not the kind that puts pronouns in their bio. Fix economic disparity = fix a bunch of other crazy stuff going on.
MilotLaw Toronto, Canada Representing Canadian Taxpayers with Sound Tax Appeal & Dispute Advice. You are not alone. We are using safe business practices and still offering FREE initial Consultation by phone. Call 416-601-1002 #TaxLawyer #MilotLaw #Covid19 Milot Law, Canadian Tax Lawyer providing tax advice and representation to individuals, corporations and charities across Canada. Tax attorney. #MilotLaw
bobsburgerbot Ocean City, NJ Would you eat a burger called Gourmet Wonder with Chorizo and Canadian bacon as toppings on Cheddar and Soy-Miso sauce on a gluten-free bun?
BlackWaltz123 Alberta, Canada @StevenDelDuca @OntLiberal Every time I hear a liberal say “free” I cringe for the 60% of Canadian who actually end up paying for it and shake my head to the 40% who demand it’s theirs having no horse in the game. Just an average democracy enjoyer.💰My views are NOT progressive. 🇨🇦
jacko2954 Somewhere in the USA. @JasonMcCorkel My local area healthcare center offers free and reduced cost dental to all based on income. The cost of hearing aids have dropped considerably and so has vision. People can mail order their prescriptions from UK and Canadian pharmacies like my mom has done.
jimabbotts California, USA @iamcoup @pilcher_pat @ParkerAdamEvans @hardytier @pattonoswalt @MandyHager Only deleted a few that were repetitive. And realized I didn’t want to waste time with a Canadian. 🤷🏻‍♂️ but feel free to reply
mamasherryll @JeffBezos So are you giving everyone free prime for a year so they can save money and fight inflation? Or feed their children with Canadian formula? No just gonna sit on half that money? Well ask your ex she’s doing good work
coreyhogan Calgary, Alberta, Canada @mrbinnion @Vitormarciano Okay but literally the first clause - the next line - reads "The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society." University executive and former government senior official. Father of three, husband of one. Full of opinions here, on @strategistspod and other fine places.
PulatovShukhrat Toronto, Ontario, Canada @luigivasalini @Bret_Sears Just buy ticket and fly out and after vacation come back! I did it in September and October 2021(last year). I have only 1 Canadian citizenship. At airport they've tried to block me to enter 🇨🇦, but I know my rights & after 1,5 hrs they gave up and I was free. I am non-vaxxed. Freedom is the key for development! Traveled and trained worldwide. Food Manufacturing Professional, with huge international experience!
IIBAVan Vancouver, British Columbia Win a free course from UBC Sauder Continuing Business Studies. To enter, follow us and comment below telling us “What is business analysis?” by June 6th, 2022. Open to Canadian residents only, see contest terms and conditions: Welcome to the IIBA Vancouver Chapter Twitter page! Share with us what's on your mind! We'd love to hear from you!
AnywhereN asheville @FritzyLane @Blueeys2851 @DodiGaba @pibot_s @NorthBelle4 @GavinNewsom No. It was a response to a post saying US people don’t go to Canada for medical care. It says they accept cash from foreigners, and treat Canadian citizens free. Point is price is lower & treatment considered superior to the point a Senator-Physician that could go anywhere went.
MatthewBehren11 Mary Cowper-Smith of PEI, is fasting to end arbitrary detention of 44 Canadian men, women & kids in NE Syria in conditions akin to torture. Canada holds keys to freedom but refuses to send someone to pick them up. Join chain fast at & sign The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice. But we shouldn't just wait for it to bend. Our collective hands can make it bend faster.