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freetobeme_ca Ottawa, Ontario Happy #BiWeek! Bisexual+ Awareness Week is an opportunity to bring visibility to bi+ communities and people who identify as bisexual, pansexual, fluid, no label, queer, etc. Not familiar with these terms? Check out our online glossary to learn more: Government of Canada action on sexual orientation and gender identity and expression issues: Terms Français: @soistoimeme_ca
Ravarora1 Vancouver, British Columbia With the Canadian election on Monday, I explain how the Trudeau government threatens the foundation of our country: 1) His legislative attacks on free speech. 2) Violation of civil liberties through vax mandates. 3) Disastrous economic decisions. Contributor: @NYPost, @GlobeandMail Seen on @benshapiro, @thehill, @AdamCarolla “A very bright man” -@joerogan "Excellent writer" -@douglaskmurray 20 years
MichaelChongMP Comté de/County of Wellington 💯 agree. Bill C-304 removed Sec. 13 (hate speech) from the Canadian Human Rights Act. I seconded the bill. The Toronto Star supported the bill (Editorial, Dec. 15, 2011.) As did civil libertarians - and many others. Sec. 13 was & is too restrictive of free speech. #cdnpoli Father, husband, Canadian | Père, mari, Canadien Conservative Candidate for Wellington-Halton Hills Phone: 1-800-837-7075 | Email:
TNpetedaly “I would rather die free than live in bondage.” Matshona Dhliwayo is black Canadian Philosopher, Entrepreneur, and author of books such as The Little Book of Inspiration, Creativity, 50 Lessons Every Wise Mother Teaches Her Son, 100 Lessons Every Great Man Wants You to Know. I’m some old dude who loves America. Retired after 28 years as Paramedic and First Responder
qmfqp1632205415 If we try to envisage an 'average Canadian writer' and Power and Goodness - The free society does not guarantee virtue any mor We've reached a point in human history where highe God is Infinite Wisdom I feel the capacity to care is the thing which giv
anterpreet Vancouver, British Columbia Getting a Canadian visa is easy but settling in Canada is not. @punjabexpressim offers free pick-up from airport when you arrive in Canada and will help with finding accommodation. Contact my friend Robin Singh to start your application today! #studyincanada #canada Personal views on Canadian and Punjabi politics. #Canada #Punjab
eternalsun_ better things to do with $610 million: - buy 300 million bottles of sani - give ppl in annihilated industries free tuition - fix some roads or schools or some crap - give every canadian $16 - give it all to me - sit around and look at it - literally almost anything else at all say it while u can. // 🤍
DS92065510 Vancouver, British Columbia @HopeStill17 @JustinTrudeau Election wasn’t rigged. Free and fair. Canadian voters didn’t believe the bs Bernier and the PPC were trying to sell. Cry moar, your tears are delicious. Bell media are scumbags, shutting down TSN1040. Blocked by the traitors, Mo Brooks Rudy Giuliani, and Maxime Bernier. My pronouns: Sir/Daddy
Iostorion Canada the next canadian conservative leader who isn’t ugly as fork and old will win so free 20 | he/him | musician and composer 🐝
SIMPLE_YVR Vancouver, CANADA @CBinVAN Do you actually subscribe and read a variety of Canadian newspapers or are you getting too much of your perspectives from Twitter, TV news? Undermining valuable institutions such as a free critical press doesn't serve our country or society. I provide: a) unbiased, comprehensive advice & support to finance & HR professionals to manage, oversee benefit & retirement plans b) personal opinions, banter
pzabeti Toronto @jacobslavin @OilerResurgence @RobertJMitch1 Jacob - Yes terrible politicians in AB made the judgement of let Albertans be “free” and not push for vaccine. See what has happened!! This is so sad and unfortunate cause we, all Canadian, w our taxes paid for these vaccines. Freedom for me is NOT getting hospitalized! atypical engineer 🇮🇷✌🏽🇨🇦 advocate of psychedelic psychotherapy 🩺 tweets on ✊🏽✊🏻✊🏿 + 🎶+ 🛩 + ⚖️ + 🧭 + 🍄 #SeeYouinIran
KellyCanuckTO Canada, Eh?! $600 million for the election which is basically $15/Canadian. Elections are never “free” by the way, and $15 is a small price to pay for freedom to cast a democratic vote 🇨🇦 #elxn44 #cdnpoli Proud Canadian working in the media industry 🗞 My Twitter needs more Canada 🇨🇦😷
geoff_buxcey Alberta, Canada I personally served under Canadian 🇨🇦 liberal and conservative governments for more than 37 years, and only today do I question my loyalty. I’m free and available to act as an agent to stop this liberal communist government. Is my freedom worth more than yours? I Am CANADIAN! 37 years Federal Service. (10 years Armed Forces + 27 years RCMP) Retired RCMP Staff Sergeant and Veteran. Father of a Serving Soldier ❤️🇨🇦👨🏻‍🚀👮👨‍✈️
db1969cville Plano, TX Justin Trudeau is one of the leaders of the Free World. He leads the Dominion of Canada 🇨🇦, a unique and vibrant nation. I will never forget my travels in Canada 🍁. The Canadian people, especially children, were kind and respectful to me.🇺🇸🇨🇦
BrandonL1r @ImJulianAssange @LisaJage "cannot be overridden " "The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society."
teddd9999 London Ontario @darinbunch @EnswellJones It’s free for all Canadians, and also incredibly easy. As is the vaccine. You’re not Canadian, you’re not on our Canadian Medicare system and I’m guessing your travel here was non-essential.
BDragonaire Twilight Zone @redlianak 🤦‍♀️ Ain't the polling stations extending the time to vote? On a positive note, I am able to watch CTV, Global, and CBC geo-fencing-free!! I have a lot of Canadian Drama to catch up with 😂😂🤑🤑
roger_bakes Red Deer, Alberta @PamelaApostolo1 @LJMW169 Canadians know when they see a wolf in sheep's clothing. There's no appeal with the charisma-free O'Toole, his inability to move beyond talking points, his inability to control his rightwing caucus and no appeal in his devious plans to subvert Canadian healthcare. Retired writer, university teacher, videographer, librarian. Dealing with CIDP. Have M.A. & M.L.I.S. Search RogerBakes on Twitter for old, better account.
canadian_1st @diana_murphy613 We've become a nation of soft, spoiled leeches who want free stuff paid for by other people and future generations. I'm disgusted.
theflamesaholic in the flames If the Canadian government can find 600 million dollars to waste on a useless election then they damn sure can find 600 million to forgive student loans and make college/university free, just saying #Elxn44 #Election2021 #CanadaElection2021 it's all about the @nhlflames - a nice blend of sarcasm and logic
benjinielsen Washington, DC Watching Canadian results and hearing about how long their campaign season is; literally skin-clawingly infuriating. The good sense makes me rageful. SHE JUST SAID COMMERCIAL FREE, AHHH Miss Baltimore Crab 1934, runner-up, Bebe Glazer stan account, he/him 👍🏿👍🏾👍🏽👍🏼👍🏻🏳️‍🌈
AnnRudbeck West Coast If the Canadian news outlets have already called the election before all of the votes have been counted, it’s obvious that Canada is no longer a free and democratic country. The government is now elected by the media, not the people. Amateur French Historian, silk painter, natural dye chemist, #fitnessmodel in training, perpetual #WIP, and lover of dark chocolate 🍫.
rylee_mtl @scottmatla If you make ‘em cry, you automatically get Canadian citizenship and free St-Viateur bagels for a year.
mcgarrygirl78 walking to the el @Aruthasexy1 Talk for beloved friends, text for homies, pals, and usually beloved Canadian friends because it's free with my phone plan. I'm here, I'm queer, where are the pancakes? Black woman, Aceflux, author, hippo enthusiast. Plays with German phrasing. Will risk it all for @marcevanjackson ❤
PoliticalPig Strange development, when you cast shame and ridicule on a Liberal, in this case disgraced #Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, it would seem the algorithms do not like it and technology fights back. Like and Retweet > Do not let the Liberal censors silence Free Speech. #conservative In Political Philosophy, Theory, Values & Principles. Historian of Human Stupidity & Folly. I do God & Politics.
SparkyintheSnow Toronto-ish Today I voted in a free and democratic election, AND got free shipping on my favourite medicinal marijuana softgels. It’s a great day to be a Canadian, my friends! Knitter, Cat Lady and learner of All of the Things.
DrLinaSobhi Montréal, Québec And ofcourse,the importance of education.I was lucky to study in one of the top #Canadian universities @mcgillu A true dream come true! Also,our access to free and excellent healthcare.Canadian HCWs go through years of education and training to serve others. #CanadaElection2021 MD,MSc Human Genetics-McGill Alumna, Clinical Research at Cardiothoracic Surgery Division-MGH. Medicine,research & whatever is fun. #IMG & #CanadianEgyptian
JessieJ2021 Canada @noxidls @decadencing @CTVNews Lmao feel free to hand over whatever property you may own to your closest indigenous community & turn in your Canadian citizenship and leave! There were dozens of wars fought , uprisings, rebellions all won by the French, British & then Canadian military over 300 years . Proudly Canadian 🇨🇦 Pro Free Speech 📢 Political moderate ⚖ Trans ⚧ Rational.Heretic. Supporting ♀️ rights! Anti-toxic activism ☣ Anti-authoritarian☢
douglasssteve Niagara Falls, Canada. “This theft makes The New York State Lottery look like a Sunday school collection!” The incredible and brazen theft of $325 million from the U.S. and Canadian Governments! #free #Crime #thrillers Author of THE KING TRILOGY, the amazing story of a stolen fortune, and its catastrophic effect on a loving family. Love to write, read and travel. #amreading
PrismZet Winnipeg, Manitoba Environmental stuff, and indigenous rights. But this time I voted NDP, seeing a much closer race as far as polling went, and with the insane PPC syphoning votes away from the CPC, might see some results. Generally Canadian elections are free from the mud slinging kinda garbage 3D artist, sometimes streamer. Huge gamer, and overall generally nerdy guy. Don't be a racist or hateful prick.
williamsachak AZCity, AZ @VampX13 i vote for MORE Maple Syrup, Canadian Bacon, Free Health Care, Lovely Canadian Ladies, and Alpha Flight (Wolverine's Canadian Xmen Team)! 16-year Elementary School Teacher (K-8), 2-year High School English Lit & Math Teacher (9/10); Veteran, USAF Instagram: WilliamSachak
ReggieWade Brooklyn, NY I love following Canadian election campaigns and watching Canadian election returns. As an American It allows me to indulge in my passion of politics relatively stress free 🇨🇦#CanadaVotes Reporter @YahooFinance covering footwear, education, and pro-wrestling. Comic and Former Teacher. Opinions are my own. Retweets ≠ endorsements 🇵🇷
cbowers1057 Arizona @TheAngryEpi @ArizonaWildcat Ironically I did not learn euchre at BG...I was a cross country and track runner there, which took all my energy/free time. I lived in Conklin freshman year with a French Canadian roommate who was also a track guy. Sophomore year I moved to Offenhauer East. Jr, Sr off campus. Liberal, news junkie, photographer, cat person, stroke survivor. #BGSU,#TermLimits,#Resist,#ETTD,#Clawbacks.🚫Wall,🚫gerrymandering,🚫bullying. I see things...
foreignish 🇨🇦Today was my second time voting in Canadian elections. There are times when my sense of belonging here is very tenuous. Then there are times when I do actually feel like I belong here, and voting is one of those times. (Using free healthcare is another.) Author of The Wrong Passport: Memoir Stories About Immigration. is my passion project. I'm a bit better at FB:
SandeeBee6 Canada Friday???? ballot box stuffing in the Russian election. ballot fraud have made their way into the mail in votes . will they say that the "September 20-24 Canadian elections in the mail in ballots took place under conditions not conducive to free and fair proceedings."
Canadian_Errant Toronto, Ontario @AvenSarah On CBC gem, you can watch the news network for free at the moment. If you change your mind and want to listen to Rosie Also @GlobalMarHist & @CanNautResSoc. Maritime Historian. Works on Boats. Dad & Husband. Gardener, Cook & Brewer. Ngāi Tahu & McLean of Duart. Play Ball. He/Him
thisistaeddie WE ARE LIVE ❤️🇨🇦 Today's the Canadian Election Day. Running a little late, because I wanted to be sure to vote. Now, it's time to party through another FUSER Guest Session! If you want to hang out and vibe with me, feel free to pass by! taeddie (teddy)(she/her) ♡ black canadian gamer, twitch affiliate, fuser guest session host, variety streamer, qa tester & front-end dev. 🇨🇦×🇭🇹×🇩🇴
Painteddoq Nova Scotia, Canada 🧡 THREAD OF CANADIAN POLITICS FOR THE NIGHT 🧡 (Feel free to mute!) Let me start this off by saying who the fork votes for the PPC- it’s clear the far-right has moved on from the Conservative Party and on to the PPC. 🔸Atlas ♉ 🏳️‍⚧️ He/They | 🧡’s - @PrincelyKaden 🔸 Bilingual; Eng/Fren - #BlackLivesMatter
OrthoDiv Canada Join us in exploring the topic of gender and identify relevant strategies that apply to physiotherapy practice to promote welcoming and inclusive environments through a gender-informed lens. This webinar is FREE to all @PhysioCan members. Orthopaedic Division of Canadian Physiotherapy Assoc. Advancement of orthopaedic physiotherapy through promotion of excellence in education, practice & research
PengNewWest New Westminster #Manhattan #Kansas #Illinois, Try our Forklift Operator Training Program for free! Get a free trial and you’ll have access to our fully compliant USA / Canadian kit, including laminated wallet card and certificate at no additional cost! You think you’re tough? Try running a business in my beloved #Canada. Followbacks via @BradPorcellato. Wishing you a prosperous day! #Capitalist #NewWest
fritzlechat amiskwaciwâskahikan / Treaty 6 Check out this amazing speaker series organized by my dear colleagues Gail Vanstone and Leslie Sanders! Free and open to the public. Readings will be virtual & live, with author Q&A. First one is tomorrow! More info and Zoom link here: @YorkULAPS Asst Prof @YorkULAPS. Alum @UofA_EFS @McgillU @Deerfield. Editor @pyriscence Listen: @replaythepod شمعة🕯 Bringer of Colour 🌈 Anti-fascist ✊🏾 she/her 🔥🌱
CoSIDAnews For our Canadian @CoSIDAnews members, join Thursday's CANSIDA webinar - free registration! Hear from @angebj13 of @DalTigers along with @USPORTSca's @JBower_sports and @AlanHudes as they discuss "Return To Competition: Are You Ready For The New Normal?" Official source for College Sports Information Directors of America news & updates. We tell & monitor the latest comm/marketing/digital news.
fopelka Ono Island, & Wash DC @_yogi_Bear_61 @missymohum I was wondering the same thing. Canadian border is buttoned up tight also. If the demographics report you will likely vote democratic, you get a free pass to citizenship. They have added millions of new voters to the rolls if they get immigration passed - and most in GOP states. Surgeon. These are my own thoughts only. alias = Ono1A
imyVarun Toronto, Ontario @Mayakotob Many many congratulations to you! i’m just wondering while you were taking the oath on becoming Canadian citizen did they give everyone a speech on how to become a citizen free of cost and how to earn over $2500 a month without doing anything and living on taxpayers money.😂🙏 $DOGE.. $SHIB.. #Bitcoin.. #Ethereum.. $XRP holder..👅👅
Rockhandsom Kingston, Ontario @vinn_ayy As a Canadian, I can run into a fence post and knock myself out all that I want! TREAT MY CONCUSSION, DOC! ITS FREE!!!!! Dad, husband, primary teacher, wanna-be-dad-band-rockstar, forest sitter. AstraZeneca vaccinated, all opinions happily my own.
scubadang4 Campbell River, British Columbia @Formylifeandyou I am not the one stripping the rights from Canadians. I deserve to live in a free country and will fight for them rights like my ancestors did. Canadian citizens killed people in foreign country’s for those rights. Do our ancestors deserve compassion? Screw remembrance day? scuba diver
MyrkoSaint 4 corners of the Earth @JustinTrudeau This guy went from doing blackface to violating every single Canadian human rights! Not surprising at all! God keep our land glorious and free! Who are the true children of Yisrael? We will dive in to biblical content, archeology, historical records and prove that the real Jews are melanated.
foghail @jordanbpeterson Why is this garbage still in circulation. All Canadian media outlets need to be named, shamed and dismantled we are the true north and free and journalists job is to be impartial and report the news not be click bait bought and sold shills. IMCA Commercial Diver, Wind Turbine Assembly Technician, Solar Farm Installation Technicican, Carpenter, Pile Driver
FlairBreakfast Raleigh, North Carolina @ThatEricAlper "The Peanut Butter Experiment". Some totally low-budget Canadian film my parents rented for free from the library. My sisters and I (now all >40) are all still traumatized. Has anyone else seen this movie? Or does it just live in our nightmares solely? Wanna know what Rick Flair ate for breakfast today? Here you go, served hot and fresh! Well, it's what I think he ate. Rick can confirm for sure.
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